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Monday, May 18, 2009


Hello, Blogland! I'm afraid it's been awhile since we conversed. And for that, I'm sorry. Where shall I begin?

Let's start with the biggie! All you college grads out there know how exciting it is to be handed the long-awaited, much-anticipated tube that contains your college degree. Let's face it...there's a lot of studying, praying, passing, failing, blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into obtaining that one piece of paper! There's something else that comes along with that long-awaited, much-anticipated college degree. Instead of a tube, it comes in an envelope. Within this envelope is a lovely payment plan ending in 2019. 2019, people!! While Jon and I were totally onboard with A&M's course work and plan for obtaining our degrees, we were NOT onboard with this 2019 business! Therefore, we're downsizing. Literally. Translation: We're MOVING! Not cities, but homes. And yes, we're accepting any help you'd like to give us regarding packing, moving, etc. When you ask? Oh, just 1 week from tomorrow. We don't do anything halfway! :) Prayers are appreciated.

In other news, we finally finished our table and chairs! I say finally (it only took us a week), but I feel as though our kitchen has been in dire need of cleaning and organizing for an entire week and there's only so much you can do when there are paintbrushes, paint, boxes, chairs and a huge table in the middle of EVERYTHING. So, YAY! One sidenote question...we used semi-gloss paint and are wondering if there's a way to de-stickify it (I totally made that word up)? It's not super sticky, but a little. I'll post pictures of it when I get around to taking them. Have a fabulous Monday!


jordy said...

can't wait to see pics! there's a clear coat that you put on top of painted furniture... try that. it's like a sealer.

Steve said...

Hey Britt (and John).

Congrats on the graduation and such. Lisa and I are moving, also. We're not on AS strict a schedule, but our house closes on June 12, and we haven't found a place to buy, yet.

As for the shelves - latex paints are generally not recommended for things like shelves/cabinets, and such. The best bet is to repaint it with an oil based paint.

But, that's a pain.

Another thing you could try, which is a little more work -- is to sand it with a fine sand paper, and then find a good sealer for that works with latex paints. Not sure which that is, but they're out there.