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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

U would be excited 2!

For the first of many updates, I thought I’d talk about how Jon and I celebrated our one year anniversary. Rewind back to August 9, 2009. It was a Sunday and I could hardly wait for us to exchange our gifts as we celebrated this God-enabled accomplishment. I was anticipating his reaction to the photobook I made him, with the help of my friends at Shutterfly. You didn’t disappoint, Shutterfly, you didn’t disappoint!

Well, once we looked through my gift to him, it was time for his gift to me. (I found out later he was hoping to give it to me around dinner time, but being my curious and excited self, I couldn’t wait that long and kindly requested insisted we exchange IMMEDIATELY after we got back from church.) He told me to check under our couch for my gift. I was worried for a second because I know that’s where we keep our moving boxes (classy, I know…), but luckily I found an envelope. As I was opening the envelope, I heard U2 playing in the background thanks to our remote-controlled iHome! And yes, you guessed it…it was two tickets to the U2 concert in Dallas! Here’s a picture of us enjoying our gifts:

2 years of ASL paid off!


Included in my anniversary gift was a beautiful bouquet of flowers (pictured above) and a home-cooked meal made by none other than Jon Yeager himself. He knows my love language and that night it came in the form of fettucine alfredo with chicken. YUM.

Wanna see some pictures from the concert? Okay!

Not the best lighting. Maybe being in one
of the largest football stadiums had something
to do with it?

"Get a picture of me!"

"Check out my beard!"

U2's stage. They should really be more
elaborate next time. Really.

"Hey, Bono."

There was hardly anyone there...

Fast-forward from August 9, 2009 to February 9, 2010 and you’ve arrived at our one and a half year mark. My how time flies! Every day, my love and respect for Jon grows and grows. I am so thankful for the man that God placed in my life.

And for U2.

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J & J said...

How fun! We saw Coldplay there!