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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Current Happenings

So I know in my last post I said that the posts would come in threes. I'm sure you've figured out by now that wasn't the case. Sorry to disappoint! I've decided to put it all in one post. Sort of a "highlights reel" if you will :)

  • Jon and I made the trip to Boston! We loved it. I am currently not on my computer, which means I don't have my pictures to upload, but that will come! We arrived on Thursday, spent time with new friends, toured the campus, sat in on some classes, rode the subway, walked all over downtown Boston, ate authentic Italian food, had ice cream with an Aggie (WHOOP!), and more. We had an absolute blast! We left feeling very informed on the opportunities Gordon-Conwell offers and had a better idea of what ministry would look like in the northeast.
  • We made our decision regarding next year...are you ready?! We've decided to stay another year in College Station for Jon to do another year of the internship. After much prayer, talking, and consideration, we felt this was the best decision. Doing the internship for a second year allows Jon to focus his attention on more specific aspects of ministry. He will be shadowing the missions pastor here at Grace, getting a better idea of the administrative/sending side of missions. He will also have several teaching opportunities, which is a definite plus! I will continue singing in the college service and occasionally in the main service. I will also continue meeting with my fellow newly-married wives, which is SO exciting! Jon and I will continue leading a Bible study. Great things are ahead for the Yeagers!
  • My sister and I started a blog to post recipes and entertaining ideas. The address is: We haven't updated it much, but be on the lookout :) And if you have any fun, creative, yummy recipes or entertaining ideas, send 'em our way!
  • Our good friends, Emily and Jeremiah, had their first baby! They are also newly married (May 12) and have a wonderful outreach with International students. Their sweet baby girl, Hosanna Esther, was born April 17 and is just as cute as can be! We are excited to support them in this new adventure of life. They encourage us daily and continually remind us to trust in the Lord at all times. We have such great friends!
And I'm sure I could go on and on, but I'll spare you! AND, I'll post pictures as soon as I am on my own computer. Hope you are having a wonderful day and rejoice with us that God is good...all the time!


Marty and Andrea said...

Brittany, I am still so excited that you guys are staying for another year. We love you guys. I have enjoyed our time in our wives group this year! I'm definitely going to miss it next year. We'll have to incorporate reunions into next year! Love you, Brit!

Shannon said...

This is a great post, sweet Britt!!! Your updates are wonderful, and what God has in store for you is definitely gonna rock!! So excited to get to keep you here one more year. Love to you in abundance!