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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy 85th Birthday, Granny!!

Updates are lacking...these will come in threes!

This year marked the 85th year of my sweet Granny's life. She is such a gift to our family and we all gathered for a big, family celebration of this momentous birthday. In honor of my Granny, I want to share with you some of the things I love most about her:
  • She has the most tender heart of anyone I know. We joke that if there were still professional mourners, my Granny would have a very successful career! Granny is known to cry during Oprah, commercials, tender moments, birthday celebrations, and many other things. When my grandpa retired from preaching, their church gave her a towel that was monogrammed as her "Crying Towel." I like to think I get my tender heart from her. While mine is not AS tender as hers, I know that years of living life, loving and losing those that are close to her have made my Granny the sensitive woman she is and I LOVE her for that!
  • My Granny loves to dance! Granny loves her some Michael Buble and tells anyone who will listen that "He is sexy!" She out-danced her first Michael Buble CD and needed a new one to dance to. When Aimee and Luke got married, she informed our friends at a shower that "she would be the one dancing at the reception." Well, she made no exception for our wedding. One of my favorite memories of our wedding day was seeing Granny come out to the dance floor, grab Jon's hands, and jive her way into everyone's heart. In fact, here's a picture that totally captures that moment (taken by Marks Moore):

  • I love Granny's sense of humor and zeal for life. Even at 85, she knows how to crack some pretty funny jokes and laughs often. Last spring, she travelled to Hawaii with my grandpa, uncle, and aunt. I mean, really! I hope I'm living my life to the fullest when I'm her age.
We had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday and don't you worry...I took lots of pictures! Here they are!

Granny, Mom, and Claire

Showing off her singing whom, you ask?

Why, to her great grandson, Austin, of course! 
He shares her love for dancing. They danced together.

Here she is with said "Michael Buble CD." Don't be 
fooled by her serious face...she takes him very seriously!

My cousin, Jill, gave Granny 85 one-dollar-bills.
I mean, who doesn't want to fan their face with 
that kind of stack? 

Granny, we love you and are so grateful for your presence, love, and encouragement in our lives. As dad prayed, here's to 85 more years with our sweet Granny!!

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Andrea said...

Love, Love, LOVE the picture of your granny dancing at your wedding! How sweet! It is such a blessing to see someone who has lived a long life and still has such a tender heart. Praise God for that! Praise God for you too friend! Seeing that picture also made me think that I have not seen your wedding photos. Can we look at those together sometime?