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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Third Anniversary to Us!

I feel a little narcissistic with the title of our post, but it is our third anniversary and a happy one! :) (No, we're not pregnant...I know your mind went there!)

My friend, Jessica, did a neat post for their sixth anniversary (Happy anniversary, Jess and Brian!) looking back at how the same day, six years earlier, looked different. So, I'm copying her.
  • Three years ago today, we were engaged. Now, we're married. (That's a freebie.)
  • Three years ago today, we lived in Texas and Boston wasn't even on our radar. We are now "New Englandahs" who enjoy living blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, eating lobstah, and dropping our Rs as much as possible.
  • Three years ago today, other people were making me pretty. I got my nails, hair, and make-up done by someone else. This morning, my nails aren't painted and I did my own hair and make-up. (I'm still waiting for "the crew" to show up at my house, but to no avail.)
  • Three years ago today, I had lunch with my mom, sisters, grandmother, and four of my closest girlfriends. We laughed, cried, and prayed together. Today, I live in a different state than all of those friends (between the nine of us, five different states are represented!) and I ate lunch by myself, at my desk. Glamorous, people, glamorous!
  • Three years ago today, I was eager for Jon and I to have our "moment," just the two of us, before the wedding. I still remember the look he gave me when he saw me for the first time (and our photographer, Marks Moore, captured it perfectly!). Now, three years later, we still are excited to see one another. One of my favorite things about coming home from work is seeing him open the door to greet me with that same sweet expression on his face.
  • Three years ago today, I had NO idea what marriage was like. Sure, I had an idea or perception of what it might entail, but I certainly didn't know the details. Now, three years later, I know that it takes a lot of sacrifice, discipline, love, laughter, friendship, and so much more.
  • Three years ago today, I was pretty independent. Now, three years later, I realize the joy that comes from healthy dependence.
In our three years of marriage, I am grateful that God, in his grace, has shown us the importance of loving him first. He is the one who has shown us what it looks like to love one another selflessly and sacrificially. And I'm sure that's a realization that will only deepen as the years increase.

So, here's to many more years of marriage and changes! I love you, Jonny!


Danny Stimson said...

I still remember that big day. I still remember seeing Jon run back down out of the elevator in the hotel to get your hairspray or something from the giftshop. We miss you guys. I'm not too much of a crier (most of the time), but I can guarantee Andrea will be crying when she finishes reading this post.

Jon Yeager said...

Yes, Danny...I remember that lovely moment as well. Although our wedding day seems like it was yesterday, that moment I try to push way back into the years. Such are the "sacrifices" that Britt mentioned them!

Jon and Brittany said...

I was just giving you an opportunity to "serve" me. You're welcome!

And Danny, that's one of the {many} reasons we love Andrea! :)

Stephanie said...

I remember that big day as well! I remember hot stinkin hot it was taking pictures and how we kept going into the chuch in between pictures to cool off!