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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I got fangs/bangs

Allow me to just get this off my chest...I have been sucked into the hype that is the Twilight saga. And in case you're wondering, no, this isn't Jon writing this lovely update, but yours truly. HA. Just to be sure you understand how completely and totally I have jumped on that bandwagon, allow me to tell you that I am currently on the last 100 pages of the fourth book...a feat I accomplished in a mere 2 weeks, people! Yes, I am aware I need a life. That is why I am so anxious to finish this fourth book and return to the real world. I feel better already! :)

On a different note, I got a new haircut that includes bangs. Why am I telling you this? Because coming back from the holidays with new hair gets people commenting and I find myself answering the question, "What's different?" with, "I got bangs!" This sentence immediately takes me back to the Legally Blonde movie in which her friend exclaims the same thing. You know you remember! Good times! So, for those of you far away, let it be known that I am sporting bangs these days...WOO!

In other news, Jon is now considering more seriously a seminary in Boston called Gordon-Conwell. This is why we never bank on things NOT changing because they tend to change...a lot. Jon began looking more into this seminary before the break and has continued to see great potential for it to be the place that would challenge and grow him the most. We've discussed taking a trip up there soon, which I'm TOTALLY pumped about! I'm enjoying this whole mini-moon/vacation/looking at seminaries in far-away cities. It's also nice to have a better idea of where we might be relocating our lives! It's a win-win (or as Michael Scott would say, a win-win-win!).

Jon has started the internship at Grace Bible Church and is loving it. He even had the opportunity to give the devotion for our college leaders' meeting. He did such an awesome job! He encouraged us with the truth that Christ is the one who gives us our is never something that comes from ourselves. It's always good to be reminded of that, especially when you get in the flow of things and the tendency is to depend a little too much on yourself. It seemed like a very timely encouragement and I was so proud that he is my husband!

I've also started working for a family four days a week. I pick up their 2 kids from school, take them home, and watch/play with them until their parents come home. It's been great getting out of the house. For those who don't know, I work from home. I LOVE it. However, I would totally be content staying inside all day...completely different from Jon. It's been good to have that little push to go outside and see the world for a few hours a day. :) 

Well, I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy the weekend...I know I will!


jordy said...

yay... you updated!

a lot of the girls in the office got into the twilight series and i just could never get through the first few chapters... i'm going to try again one day, i swear. any advice? haha. i want to read them because everyone ELSE is reading them. is that a good enough reason?

i can't wait to see you and your bangs. :)

jordy said...

it was YOU! i was trying to think who i was at lunch with that day... oh, memories.

Shannon said...

Sweet friend, love the bangs! You look so lovely with them. :)

And it's too bad that you won't be able to leave us to go to Boston. ;) I know you might like it and all, but we just can't do without you both.

P.S. We heard you are Settlers fanatics. Wanna play again?