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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Drum roll, please!

We're moving to BOSTON!

After much prayer, research, and prayer (we've been doing that a lot lately!), we've decided to make the move to Boston! Jon will be attending Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary to get his Master of Divinity degree, with a focus in missions. We are very excited!

The big move will take place this summer. We'll be in Greece May 22-July 1, then we'll begin a 5-day stretch of driving/visiting friends and family along the east coast July 11-17.

Good times are ahead!


Katie said...


Of course, I suspected this based on a Facebook comment you made.

I'm elated. How cool to see two awesome people being guided by the hand of God in such exciting ways.

Planning my trip to Beantown... and a phone call to you... soon, I promise.

;) :)

Jordy said...

so now we will be even FARTHER away from each other?

woe is meeeeeeee.

i'm happy for y'all. moving to a new place is fun and life-changing. i speak from personal experience. :)

love you! when is the official move date?

Jon and Brittany said...

Katie - You're so intuitive! ;) Can't wait for your phone call AND your visit!

Jordan - I know. Trust me, every time I think of you and our move, I am reminded that we will be an EXTRA hour off. Super. We're so good at this whole time difference already! ha! And our official move date is July 11, but we'll be traveling/moving through July 17.

Jessica said...

oh wow! I have some friends moving there soon too. You should meet up, you'd love love love Marsha.