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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Goin' To the Chapel!

Well, Spring Break has come and gone, along with Easter. We are on the "home-stretch," as we like to call it. Where has all the time gone?!

I know I still have one more big reveal (and no, we're not pregnant!), but I needed to pause in the middle of our updates to give a special shout-out to my sweet friend, Jordan, who USED to be Jordan Hackney, but is NOW Jordan Whitlach! Yes, over Spring Break, my best friend from college got married and this post is dedicated to her.

Jordan and I actually met our freshman year of college in good 'ole COMM 101. Noticed I said "met" not "became friends." Sad, I know. In fact, the strong memory I have of Jordan our freshman year was her coming to class with a berry blast smoothie from the REC. I, however, did NOT have a berry blast smoothie (I don't know the official name, but you get the idea!). Thus, I longingly looked at her yummy smoothie wishing I had one, too!

Fast-forward to our sophomore year of college. We found ourselves in another COMM class, but this time we became friends. We began studying together, she taught me the art of writing "decorative" notes (Jordan, do you remember those?!), and we became fast friends. We were both looking to change our lifestyles and living arrangements and our friendship provided the accountability and companionship we so desired. Our sophomore year was full of late-night trips to the REC, sushi and brownie bites, and capture-the-flag. At the end of our sophomore year, we signed a lease on a house with Stephanie and so began our years of living together.

The next two years of college were full of late night talks, trips to Chicken Express for their sweet tea, and lots and lots of laughter. It was at the end of our junior year that I met my future husband, Jon (funny story on that...). Our relationship grew over my and Jordan's last year of college and I will always cherish the friendship that she and Jon also developed over that year.

Our senior year came and went before we knew it. Jordan was headed to Arizona for an internship with the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, and I was headed to San Antonio to work with Community Bible Church. Jon and I were engaged in November and I spent the next several months planning for our wedding. Jordan was in our wedding in August and I will always treasure her being there on our special day!

(Photo by Marks Moore)

Fast-forward to last June. I get a phone call from Jordan, in which she tells me about this guy, Chris, she has started dating and wants to know how I knew Jon was "the one." Now, this was strange for several reasons, the most shocking of which being that Jordan was a self-proclaimed "independent lady" with marriage far-off in her future (or so she thought). I will always cherish that conversation, because I could hear in her voice her excitement and nervousness over the possibility of marriage. So sweet!

Well, now fast-forward to October. Jordan called me and I could tell by her voice that something had happened. She was ENGAGED! And they were getting married March 19. And she wanted me to be a bridesmaid. WOO! The next few months passed by quickly and before I knew it, I was in Arizona for the purpose of witnessing Jordan and Chris' marriage begin. It was such a surreal and special time, and one I will treasure for several reasons.

Jordan, I am so excited for you as you begin your journey with Chris as husband and wife. The Lord uses marriage in so many ways to refine and shape us into being better image-bearers of our Savior. I pray that your marriage is Christ-centered, full of joy, and rewarding beyond what you ever imagined. I love you!

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