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Monday, December 6, 2010

Thoughts on Sabbath Rest

A pause in our scheduled broadcasts (aka: Advent posts!). I hope you are enjoying the anticipation that the season of Advent brings!

Jon and I have really appreciated this thoughtful approach to this season...a season that can tend to be busy and full. Don't get me wrong, we are busy and our schedules are full. However, it has been such a treasure to sit down with my husband each night and think through what it means that Christ dwelt among us (and still does through his Spirit!) and will come again. What a blessing and treasure that truly is to those who know and love Jesus!

That being said, we had an opportunity to look at our lives and ask ourselves where we were being intentional with rest. Our bodies, minds, souls are not meant to go and go and go until we drop. So, we instituted a "sabbath" that we'll take one day out of the weekend to "unplug." Yesterday was our first official sabbath rest day. We were intentional in spending time together, unplugged from emails, facebook, internet, and just took time to rest. It was SO refreshing!

If you find yourself in a season of busyness and are needing some rest, I would completely recommend inserting a necessary sabbath rest into your schedule. Whatever you have to do can wait. Rest and rejuvenation through Christ, your spouse, your friends, and family awaits you!

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