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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2 Years!

I'm changing it up a bit, considering Jon and I have been married for two whole years! I can't let that slip by without writing about it :)

Has it really been that long? It seems like yesterday we were seeing each other for the first time before we said, "I do." A lot has changed over the last two years...

We'll start with the most obvious: We no longer live in Texas. On our way up here, I remember seeing the first sign that told us which highway to take to Boston and I thought, "Never in my wildest (or most mild, for that matter) dreams did I think I would ever live in Boston!"

Growing up, I'd always been the one to "stretch" those around me (usually my parents). Then, I married Jon. He has stretched me in more ways than I thought possible. Marriage is definitely a refining process and I can't express in words how grateful I am that God chose Jon to be a tool in His hands. So here we are starting our third year of marriage in New England.

Second, we no longer celebrate each month of marriage. Man, I loved that tradition! And marriage is not like having a child (although it's been known to LEAD to that!). You can't say, "Oh, we've been married for 17 months now!" It just doesn't have the same feel. But that first year of marriage you totally can! And we did! We found lots of unique ways to celebrate whatever month we were in. Looking back, I wish I'd written out what we did. It was such a sweet time of marriage.

Third, we transition better. I like to joke about how emotional I can be, but let's just say Jon saw the truth of it as I transitioned into marriage. This is when he began saying the famous phrase, "Just let it all out," while stroking my back or playing with my hair. Of course, he was referring to my tears. And my emotions are the same, if not stronger, when it comes to the "transition prep." But as we moved into our new home and began to make friends, look at churches, and all the other fun things you do when moving to a new town, we transitioned well. We were flexible with one another, showing much grace where needed. And I like to think that's due to us knowing one another better.

While there are many other things that have changed within the past two years, one change sticks out the most: I love him more everyday. This is a subtle change. From the beginning, you wonder how you could ever love someone more. Then, you look back at the beginning and think, "And I thought I loved you then." I love his character and the fact that he works hard at whatever he's doing. I love that he doesn't raise his voice with me, but speaks to me in kindness. I love that he knows how I like my coffee. I love that he knows how much I hate exercise, but gently encourages me to do it anyway. I love that he prays for me everyday.

Jon, thank you for two wonderful years of marriage. Of course, we've had our ups and down along the way, but I can think of no other man that I'd rather do life with than you. You stretch me past my limits, yet do so with great kindness and grace. Thank you for loving me selflessly. I love you!

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