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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new - Part 2

"It is our wisdom to make the best of that which is, for it is seldom that changing our place is mending it." - Matthew Henry

Isn't that a great quote? I am currently doing a study over the book of Ruth and this quote seemed to jump out at me. It sums up the lessons the Lord was and continues to teach me as change becomes our normal. Does that make sense?

Jon and I talked and prayed and talked and prayed our way through our decision to move to Boston. Our sole purpose for doing so was for Jon to pursue his Masters of Divinity at Gordon-Conwell. Come to find out, God had different purposes for our move. Isn't that how he always seems to work? Of course, we're still here for Jon to get his Masters, but so much more came from the process of learning to trust God with the unknown.

My family and friends will tell you that it was not an easy decision for me to process. There were many "ugly cries," as I like to call them, along the way. I remember saying to one of my dear friends, Shannon, "Will I ever be the same? Will I ever NOT be emotional?!" She confidently assured me that this state of emotion wasn't permanent and that she could already see my movement away from sadness and towards confidence in God's will. And she was right! I began to get excited about the move and less intimidated by the change that was ahead.

Which brings me back to the quote I began with. I am learning that whatever stage of life God has placed me in, I have the opportunity to make the most of it, rather than try to change it. I must understand that God, in his sovereign wisdom, has not only ordained, but purposed my steps and allotted my days. He has thoughtfully placed me where I am, so that I might grow and learn and become more like him.

So, that's where I am regarding the newness that is New England. And, as it turns out, I LOVE it!

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Katy said...

I'm so glad you're loving it up there! And I will be praying that you continue to love every bit of it, even as the newness wears off.

I love that quote, too. We are in such similar situations (going up north for a few Texans like yourselves has to be like moving to another country!) and I share so many of the emotions you write about.

PS- I'll also be praying for you to continue to feel more and more like your "old self" (emotionally) as you adjust. I can TOTALLY relate to that, too! Some days (which have acutally been few, PTL), I can't stop thinking of home and how loooong it will be before we see family and friends again. Most days, I just walk around in a haze, like it hasn't hit me yet that we LIVE here. Either way, it's not ME.

Ok, this turned into a really long comment. Sorry. :)

Praying for yall!