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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Transition Low #1

Yep. I had it. Just when I thought I was transitioning well, I had a little "glitch." And I didn't even see it coming! I was making my Granny's recipe for Beef Stroganoff and the lump crept up my throat. I made it all the way through dinner, then came up to Jon (doing the dishes...SEXY!) and told him, "I'm getting sad."

This is where you'll want to know something about me. For some reason, I feel as though I need to warn Jon of my sad episodes. So, our new routine, so to speak, goes like this:
Me: "I'm getting sad." (Translation: I'm about to cry.)
Jon: "Why are you getting sad?" (Translation: Oh dear.)
Me: "I'm not really sure." Tears start to flow. (Translation: I'm feeling a lot right now and I can't really put my feelings into words.)
Jon: "Come here. Just let it all out." (Translation: Oh dear.)
And there you have it, my friends! This is what marriage is all about! :) But, on a more serious note, this week was a little harder as far as transition goes. You get to a point in a new stage of life where you just want familiarity. You want people to know you. You want people to get you. You want your nights to get busy again. You want to know your way around the city. And that's where I am.

Thankfully, I've had good conversations with family and friends. Whether your encouragement has been flat out or you've just been someone that knows me, I've been encouraged. I can do this.

And good news! Today starts our 2-month stretch of entertaining with small breaks in between! Ryan, our good friend from Texas, is coming to visit today for a few days. He lives overseas, so we haven't seen him in over a year. Then, Jon's parents and brother come to visit in September for a few days. Then, my parents come to visit end of September/early October. THEN, my whole family comes to spend Thanksgiving here. FUN TIMES AHEAD! And lots of familiarity. Bring it on.


Emily said...


I just 'fell-upon' your blog today. I know just how you feel. After college I moved to Indiana with my boyfriend and felt a bit alone (not knowing anyone). I started doing this thing I called "Dating the city." I would spend a whole day exploring Indiana and treat myself with a movie or a fun snack. It always made my day better!

-Emily Weaver

Andrea said...

Hey! It's Drea. Saw your post of FB and came to read about your adventures! So here's some encouragement. 1) You are doing what the Lord has called you to do and most of all you are following your husband despite the sad and the scary, you are like Sarah and Abraham! And God is going to bring so much favor and blessing on you both!2) Of all the people I have met in my life you are one of the most fun, bright and friendly person and before you know it you will have made a nice home for your husband and new friends and you will be like, "Remember those days when we had nothing to do!" Praying for you! Love...

Brian and Jessica Ross said...

I have felt this same feeling all too often. Sometimes you just get tired of the 'getting to know you' conversations and you just want to talk to someone that already knows you. I feel ya! BUT you will be amazed at how one day that feeling just disappears and you are surrounded by people that know you and love you. Until you have a job, you can always hop in the car and drive down here (wink, wink). Just kidding! Stay put, kiddo, and join a dance class or something to get to know some gals. I'm praying for you!

Claire Bauerlein said...

i love you sister! soon, we will be reunited and as the song goes... "it'll feel so good!" ;)

Erin Belsher said...


I know that 'lump'!! I love how you and Jon support each other and follow God so well. Your marriage is such a light of Christ in this world! I miss you both...soon, you'll have new Boston friends and fellowship and I'll be a little jealous of them :) I'm glad I found your blog, and I'm excited to hear how God leads you in a new city and provides good for you! And, btw, the blog looks SO cute!

love you!