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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An ode to the brand name.

For those of you who have moved, you understand the dilemma of finding the generic brands you're used to at the price you love. In fact, you understand the dilemma of finding ANYTHING in the brand new store, with the brand new layout, and the brand new items. It's all new. Because of this, I was forced to buy some name brand items that I had avoided like the plague before our move. Call it the new me, but I now know why the ones I was buying are generic. And now I am fully aware of what that extra dollar and cents gets me!
Dear Clorox Wipes,

How could I have known that you were so much better than Hill Country Fair? I admit, I tossed you aside due to the more expensive price tag you wore. Had I known that you would be so soft, smell so clean, and easily break from your strand of other Clorox Wipe friends (instead of me having to rip you apart like your counterpart...pun intended), I would have picked you up in an instant. I think you're great and I'll use you often. Thanks for still being my friend and working so well for me.

Faithfully yours,


Katie said...

I am cracking up -- this is hilarious! I especially like "counterpart." You are such a goof. A lovable goof.

Robin Arnold said...

The other thing I found out was that I miss Hill Country Fair quality which is far above these generic imatators I've been finding...I just plain miss HEB, from their swell jelly to finding fresh tortillas and premade marinated fajitas...I didn't appreciate that stuff enough.